Hidden Harbor is built on a set of core values including integrity, teamwork, humility, and partnership.  In line with these core values, we deeply value our deal partners and are committed to being responsive, respectful, and forthright at all times. 


Over the last two decades, HHCP’s team has worked hand-in-hand with thousands of bankers, business brokers, lawyers, accountants, operating professionals, private wealth managers, and other intermediaries.


HHCP responds within 72 hours to any opportunity presented by a Deal Partner and will provide substantive feedback within one week of a call with the owner of a target. 


We specialize in partnering with management teams to purchase founder/family-owned businesses.  HHCP has extensive experience helping owners diversify financially and achieve next-level growth while respecting business culture and legacy. References are available upon request.   


HHCP pays attractive finder’s fees for introductions to founder/family-owned businesses or to companies that want to sell divisions (corporate carve-outs). Compensation is in excess of 1.5% of enterprise value on closed transactions.  Please see our standard Deal Partner Agreement here as well as our typical Confidentiality Agreement here.


HHCP is focused on investing in market leading businesses in the lower middle-market that can benefit from HHCP’s operating experience.  Criteria include:

  • EBITDA from $5 million to $30 million

  • Up to $500 million in revenues

  • Sector expertise includes:

    • Industrials

    • Business Services

    • Transportation & Logistics

    • Distribution

    • Facilities Management

    • Metals & Mining

    • Chemicals & Materials

    • Food & Beverage

    • Plastics, Paper & Packaging

    • Automotive

    • Infrastructure/Building Products

    • Environmental Services