1. Talent wins games, great teams win championships – A company's biggest asset is good people working as a team, growing in proportion to their talent, and being recognized for that through disproportionately higher compensation and advancement (meritocracy).

  2. Focus on less to accomplish more (3 max) –Focus and clarity is the essence. It's impossible to be excellent in everything - concentrate on the few things that really matter.

  3. Ideas are easy, execution is everything – most businesses fail not due to strategy, but due to their inability to execute day to day. Constant discontent and zero complacency on execution help ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.

  4. You can’t win if you don’t keep score – daily.  It’s the only way to tell if we are winning or losing.  Be maniacal about tracking KPI’s vs. goals.

  5. Hiring people who are better than yourself, training them, challenging them, and retaining them is the main attribution of a manager.

  6. Constant training and improvement have to be ongoing efforts and should permeate our routine.

  7. Everything has to have an owner with authority and accountability. Debate is good, but in the end, someone has to decide and be held accountable.

  8. Facts are friendly, sometimes painful. We must be transparent and data-driven to effectively make decisions and minimize conflicts.

  9. Be paranoid about costs and expenses- the only variables under our control - helps ensure long term survival. 

  10. Name, reputation, and brands are precious assets that take decades to build and days to destroy.  Repetition makes reputation, and reputation makes customers.

People + Process = Performance



Our Operating Philosophy is executed through our 26 Standard Operating Procedures

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HHCP effectively partnered with the management team at Stella Environmental​

  • HHCP purchased Stella, a leading provider of transfer management services to the municipal solid waste industry, in 2017

    • Stella was a corporate carveout of Action Resources 

  • HHCP helped the Company upgrade their systems and encouraged investment in core capabilities such as operations, sales, maintenance, and safety, to create a scalable organization that could manage growth

    • As part of the carveout, HHCP supplemented the management team with a new CEO, CFO, COO, and VP of Sales, among others

  • Due to investments in the core business, Stella grew revenue organically at a 20%+ CAGR, creating valuable revenue and customer diversity as well as establishing new geographies for continued expansion

  • In addition to organic growth, HHCP helped Stella execute on a targeted acquisition strategy

    • In total, Stella acquired 6 companies under HHCP ownership

People + Process = Performance

“The collaborative culture of Hidden Harbor's team created a great environment.  I always felt like we were one team working together to create value for our employees and all stakeholders.  Their passion to develop people and embrace change with process helped us create an exceptional outcome.“
- Heath Eddleblute, CEO at Stella

Hybrid Growth Strategy Drives Results

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